Taxi from Yerevan Tsaghkadzor Transfer 24/7

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Taxi Transfer Yerevan Tsaghkadzor
Taxi Yerevan Tsaghkadzor
Taxi from Yerevan Tsaghkadzor Transfer


10 year old opeti work in Tsakhkadzor. Prepayment is not required. Meeting in the arrivals hall at Zvartnots airport with a sign. Our Driver is waiting for passengers in case of delay of flight. Four wheel drive cars with above 2010, on winter tires. The transport does not work on Gas Equipment under the equipment; When the Transfer is in both directions 20% discounton the return transfer from Tsaghkadzor.


Taxi Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort

In Tsakhkadzor widespread ecological tourism, in the USSR the city was at the height of its popularity. The human presence in Tsakhkadzor in blood hemoglobin level increases dramatically, which has a positive effect on human health.
Sudden development of hemoglobin explained strongly rarefied air of Tsakhkadzor, located high above sea level areas, a relatively low oxygen content, the forest terrain and fresh air.

Resort Tsakhkadzor Transfer

In the USSR, Tsakhkadzor was recognized as one of the best resorts. There are many health centers have been built, hotels, sports grounds. Tsakhkadzor became especially popular when the Soviet leadership decided that the Soviet national team in various sports to international competition is trained in Tsakhkadzor, since a sharp increase in the level of hemoglobin here helped to improve the physical condition of athletes. Currently Tsaghkadzor attracts teams of Armenian, Russian and other athletes. This is mainly skiers, swimmers, weightlifters and many other people professionally engaged in sports.

Taxi Economy Yerevan Tsaghkadzor

Taxi Yerevan Tsaghkadzor

  • 4 Passengers

  • 4 Baggage

  • Conditioner

  • WIFI

Minivan Yerevan Tsaghkadzor

Minivan Tsaghkadzor

  • 7 Passengers

  • 10 Baggage

  • Conditioner

  • WIFI

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