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1 Day Tour Tour Khor Virap
1 Day Excursion - Tour Khor Virap

Armenian-Tourism company offers tours to Armenia. Tour to Khor Virap. Tours on day 1. The tour is a one-day, and throughout the day, we guarantee you complete information about the history of Khor Virap. Khor Virap (deep dungeon) Monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church, located in Armenia, near the border with Turkey, at the foot of Mount Ararat (Masis). The monastery is known for its location, it is from this place offers one of the most beautiful views of the biblical Mount Ararat (Masis), which, according to legend, appeared Noah on the ark after the Flood. The monastery is located on an underground prison in which Armenian king Trdat III kept in captivity for about 15 years, St. Gregory the III uminator before it was converted to Christianity (in 301 y). Tour to Khor Virap

Your holiday starts with a visit to us! The tour begins at any time convenient to you!

Group tours for small and large groups

Groups from 1 to 4 people
Groups from 8 to 15 people
Groups from 15 to 25 people
Groups from 25 to 35 people
Groups from 35 to 43 people

Our sightseeing tour starts with your meeting at the Zvartnots airport
Transport from Yerevan to Khor Virab

Car with driver (up to 4 people)
Minibus with driver (up to 8 people)
Bus with driver (up to 43 people)

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Traveling Excursion Khor Virap Monastery Traveling Excursion Khor Virap Monastery Traveling Excursion Khor Virap Monastery Traveling Excursion Khor Virap Monastery
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